Film Actress

Tabitha Bastien Speed Reel 2017:​

Trevor's Sirens -Short Comedy Spoof:

The Olympian (Short Film):

Comedy REEL:

Spook Me Baby (48Hour Film):

Clips from The Anatomy of Monsters:

The Anatomy of Monsters Trailer:

Oh My Guts- Comedy Horror Sketch

*Warning: Starts off pretty bloody

"About Me" from TCM Talent:

*Warning: Explicit Language

Drama/Thriller REEL: 

Children's Show REEL:

Tabitha Bastien 2016 Comedy Reel:​

Spirit Mt Casino Commercial:​

Game of Thrones Toy Spot -80's Style: 

Actor Demo REEL:

Epytombs teaser trailer:  

#Slayer Life- Short Comedy Sketch:

The Anniversary Trailer:

Commercial REEL:

Lose You (Official Music Video):

Cavern of Desire -Short Comedy:

Run, Hide, Die Trailer:

Princess Leia in Prison:

Disney Funko Pirate Commercials-3 spots:

Clips from Tragically Oliver:

The Anatomy of Monsters Teaser: