The Anatomy of Monsters:
"features a star-making performance by Tabitha Bastien as the far from innocent victim. " Full Review

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48Hr Horror Fest Awards:
Cavern of Desire won 4 awards: Audience Favorite Award, Honorable Mention, Best Graphics, Best Editing.


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 Seattle Crypticon 2014!    
Tabitha starred in 3 films screening at Crypticon & spoke on the STILL panel.

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 Hollywood Indie Series Awards!    
*4 NOMINATIONS for STILL: Best Web Series, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Editing

Seattle Web Fest 2015 Award:
Phoenix Run won Best Acting Ensemble
Vancouver Web Fest 2015 Award:
STILL won best SciFi Series 

Remnants 2018 Festival Run!
Screening in Paris, Rome, Berlin, Rio, London and Munich.


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Exclusive Interview with Tabitha Bastien (The Anatomy of Monsters):

Trust Tomorrow TV Interview:

The Anatomy of Monsters Review (2016):
"features a star-making performance by Tabitha Bastien as the far from innocent victim.

Full Review

Oh My Guts Review:

"It looks great, the acting is solid throughout"

The Anatomy of Monsters Review:
"Thanks to powerful performances from both Bastien and Marx, the chemistry between the couple feels authentic, making the doomed relationship all the more affecting."
Full Review

Indie Princess: Tabitha Bastien
"One only has to peek into the women of the horror genre to be enamored with beauties such as Tabitha who has been hailed as Seattle’s Scream Queen."
Full Article

The Anatomy of Monsters Review:
"Big ups to Tabitha Bastien for her portrayal of our dear killer."  

Full Article.