Tabitha Bastien is an actress and musician originally hailing from the Pacific Northwest. Her passion for performing started at a young age, with lead roles in various school and community productions. Acting led to modeling and then music, which became her primary creative outlet. After several years fronting the band Crush Uncrush, Tabitha began to focus more on the dramatic stage and acting full time.  

Tabitha has appeared in a wide range of independent films and is best known for her lead role as Sarah Chambers, the lovable serial killer in the feature thriller “The Anatomy of Monsters.”  She can also be seen in the new TV series "The Wonderland Murders," the Holbrookian feature film "Beloved Beast" and the award-winning series “STILL.”  Tabitha spends most of her time acting in dramas, comedies and thrillers; though earlier in her career she was referred to as “Seattle’s Scream Queen” because of her love of the horror genre.  

Many of her films have played and received awards in film festivals worldwide and several are currently in post production.   Tabitha continues to collaborate on new comedy sketches and is actively working on a few exciting films projects at this time.  

Outside of the film world, Tabitha is a proud animal rights activist and loves to play loud rock with her new band!  

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